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Commercial Production of Ammonia

What is Ammonia?

What is Ammonia?
Ammonia Synthesis
The Haber-Bosch Process
The Uses of Ammonia Today
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  Ammonia  is one of the most important modern industrial chemicals. After sulphuric acid it is the second most chemical produced throught the world. North America is the second largest producer of ammonia in the world after Asia.

Ammonia is a chemical compound of the elements nitrogen ad hydrogen. It is a colourless gas with a density of about half that of air. It has a pungent penetrating odour and for that reason it was used as a smelling salt to revive people.

It is extremely soluble in water to form a weak base.

Ammonia can be turned into a liquid by compression or by cooling. Because of this property it is used as a coolant in refrigiration and air conditioning equipment.

The formula for ammonia is NH3. The picture below shows a model of an ammonia molecule. The 3 hydrogen atoms share one pair each of electrons from the outer shell of the nitrogen atom. In addition there is a lone pair of unshared nitrogen electrons. The Lewis dot diagram is also shown below. 


Model of ammonia molecule showing nitrogen-hydrogen bonds and lone electron pair

Click here to see 3D model of ammonia molecule

A Lewis dot diagram of an ammonia molecule

In chemistry if any molecule contains NH2 it is called an amino group because it looks like ammonia

Click here to see a 3D model of an amino group