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Commercial Production of Ammonia

The Uses of Ammonia Today

What is Ammonia?
Ammonia Synthesis
The Haber-Bosch Process
The Uses of Ammonia Today
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Ammonia is a very important basic chemical and it is the second most important industial bulk chemical after sulphuric acid. It has many uses and here are just a few examples:

  • fertilisers- there are many different types of fertilisers that use ammonia.
  1. urea, (NH2) 2CO is made by the reaction of ammonia with carbon dioxide.
  2. ammonium sulfate, (NH4) 2SO4
  3. ammonium phosphate, (NH4)3PO4
  4. ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3
  • explosives- ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3 is also used for making the explosives.
  • refrigeration- ammonia is used for making ice, large scale refrigeration plants, and air conditioning units in buildings.
  • pharmaceuticals- ammonia is used in the manufacture of drugs which inhibit the growth and multiplication of certain types of bacteria.
  • pulp and paper- ammonium hydrogen sulfite,  NH4HSO3 is used to enable some hardwoods to be usable.
  • cleaning- ammonia in solution is used as a cleaning agent, such as in "cloudy ammonia"


Pie chart showing major uses of ammonia